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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Business as usual: Markets return to their pre-euro-crisis state as status quo resumes.

Everything in the last week has played out as anticipated, Greece has once again been granted more debt by euro lenders to push the Greek problem away for another day, something we assumed was always going to be the case, something you can check in our previous article from the third of July:

Australia Must Ignore Greece, more focus on Asia.

The media loves the disaster happening in Greece and the world actually falls in that game. Things with the European Union and Greece are really messed up economically, but nobody is paying attention to a bigger crisis occurring right now in Asia.

Sunday Summary: The China Situation, Gambling on Digital Currency, Mixed Demand For Gold

Although seeing massive gains in recent years, the Chinese stock market had it’s first real test in the last week with losses of between 5.1% and 5.5%. This amounts to around 2.4 trillion USD in China’s equities, with flow on effects to commodity markets such as copper, along with limited losses in international stock markets.

Financial Gymnastics: Summary of Recent Factors on Gold’s Price (July 2015)

The entire financial system remains on the brink of collapse, the total national debt of nations have gone ballistic with most of the western world having public debts of over 100 %. America, Brazil, China, Britain and Canada are leading the debt ratios with trillions of dollars in debt, debts are rising faster than economic outputs that pave the way towards higher taxes and according to The Economist debt ratios of above 90 % represent unhealthy economies in general (The Economist, 2015).

The Secret World of Gold: History & Role In Modern Economics Gold has both a special and dark past, although many without knowledge consider gold to be nothing more than a relic of past times, or a want in terms of jewellery and other specially made items, gold as a commodity is still flourishing in modern society, and still plays a pivotal role in economics

What Is a Gold Standard?

Before 1974, U.S. dollars were backed by gold. This meant that the federal government could not print more money than it could redeem for gold. While this constrained the federal government, it also provided citizens with a relatively stable purchasing power for goods and services. While Australia had remained on the path of the sterling

The great stock market crash of 1929

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The Great Euro Crisis Documentary Our copyright policy does not apply to this video, Text and video copyright to original owner, video shared from youtube. Gold News

Keen on private debt growth limit, Schiff on Greece and China

Greece needs to strike a deal with its creditors by the end of the month to stay afloat. That’s what the Greek government has said despite the fact that the country has entered yet another week with no signs of securing a deal in sight. News emerged on Monday that Greece came close to defaulting

Chariot of Fire – The Precious Metal Market (7 July 2015)

Greece is in default; the Chinese stock market has practically crashed which has created a spill over towards US listed Chinese companies, prices of gold took a 20 dollar an ounce tumble and dragged other metal down along with it