Current Live World Spot Prices
Last update: Fri 14th June 2024 03:38 (Melbourne)
Gold: $3,470.14 AUD     $2,301.57 USD Silver: $43.66 AUD     $28.96 USD

Silver Bullion Bar Prices Today AUD / USD

Current AUD Value of Silver Bullion Bars

Current silver bullion bar prices in Australian Dollars (AUD) and US Dollars (USD). Live with the world silver spot price.

Prices shown below and sorted by weight in grams and troy ounces.

Bullion Bar Type Weight (g) Weight (ozt) AUD Value USD Value
1 ozt Silver Bullion Bar 31.10g 1.00ozt $43.66 AUD $28.96 USD
10 ozt Silver Bullion Bar 311.03g 10.00ozt $436.61 AUD $289.57 USD
1 kilogram Silver Bullion Bar 1,000.00g 32.15ozt $1,403.73 AUD $930.97 USD
100 ozt Silver Bullion Bar 3,110.35g 100.00ozt $4,366.08 AUD $2,895.65 USD