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Monthly Archives: October 2020

Week In Review: Gold, silver prices lose momentum as the week ends [19th to 23rd Oct 2020]

gold news week review 19 october 23 oct 2020

It was another one of those weeks where gold and silver gained upward momentum at the start of the week but tumbled at the end. The prices of the metals were mainly influenced by the movement of the US dollar. No price surprises were witnessed this week as gold traded around the $1,900 mark and

Week In Review: Gold, silver see good rebounds before dipping [12th to 16th Oct 2020]

gold news week review 12 october 16 oct 2020

Gold and silver gained at mid-week but couldn’t stay the course. Both metals posted their highest prices this week on Monday and could not reach the same levels throughout the week. Brief recoveries during the midweek helped keep the precious metals afloat. Summary Monday 12th, 2020 Both metals had a solid start, with gold trading

Week In Review: Gold and silver post solid price gains [5th Oct – 9th Oct]

gold price news week review

The precious metals market was an active one this week. After a fairly good start and dip during the week, both metals picked momentum towards the end.  The metals traded at higher prices on Friday than they had on any other day. It was a week where the US vice-presidential candidates had a debate and

Perth Mint Precious Metal Collectors Coin Release [October 2020]

New Coin Releases by the Perth Mint The Perth Mint is well known for its high grade, high quality gold and silver coins since it was established on 22 June 1899. Up to this current day, the Perth Mint has managed to maintain an impeccable track record within the spectrum of gold coin, silver coin

Siren Gold (ASX:SNG) ASX debut [8th October 2020]

siren gold limited asx debut sng mining company review

Siren Gold shares began trading at 45 cents on October 7th, after a much anticipated and successful capital raising at 25 cents in September 2020. The company raised the capital for the purpose of acquiring, exploring and developing gold projects in New Zealand. Siren is headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. Siren’s IPO of 40 million

Week In Review: Gold & silver struggle as experts foresee the end of correction [28th Sep to 02nd Oct 2020]

gold news week review 28 sep 2 oct 2020

The precious metals struggled to get to the right track after a poor start. The news about the US President Donald Trump testing positive for COVID-19 provided some support, but the impact was little as the US dollar strengthened against other currencies. Gold moved to $1900 at the end of the week as Silver managed