Current Live World Spot Prices
Last update: Thu 23rd May 2024 00:08 (Melbourne)
Gold: $3,614.44 AUD     $2,401.74 USD Silver: $47.16 AUD     $31.34 USD


The Gold News Australia website is dedicated to providing a wide range of gold information for gold buyers and current gold owners, along with those looking to invest, or just those with interest in keeping track of the world gold markets with an alternative source of news.

We look for interesting news stories about a variety of subjects, from gold mining operations, gold refining / gold mint information, world gold supply markets, gold jewellery market influences, industrial gold applications, gold bullion products, world gold price influences and even right down to basic advice when dealing with local cash for gold merchants.

There is always a big story behind gold at every level, and these situations affect the correct time to buy gold, along with the best time to sell gold for the best profits.

Seasonal demand in overseas markets such as India also affect the prices of some gold jewellery, slower years in the Indian gold jewellery markets can mean lower prices when looking to buy gold jewellery. When demand is high globally, this is often a good time to sell gold jewellery which is no longer required. Hence our site can be helpful to the general public to assist in the selling of gold jewellery and coins, not just to gold bullion and high level investors.

Gold is a very common investment, more common than most people know. There is a large demand both locally and internationally for gold bullion bars, gold ingots, gold granules (for jewellery making) and gold coins. Gold is often seen as a hedge against inflation, as historically as the money supply increases and world debt along with it, gold’s value tends to rise alongside fairly closely. During times of global economic problems, gold also often rises sharply in value, and is very volatile during uncertain times, rising and falling sharply as investors come and go from gold, as they view the ownership of gold as a method of wealth protection should a serious economic problem arise globally.

On the Gold News Australia website, we aim to cover a wide range of topics to cover all the above mentioned, to cater for a wide audience looking to learn more or follow an interest in the gold markets on any level, from the hobby gold prospector to the high level investor.

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