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Last update: Wed 22nd May 2024 23:53 (Melbourne)
Gold: $3,623.06 AUD     $2,410.31 USD Silver: $47.44 AUD     $31.56 USD

Mexican Coin Prices AUD / USD

Value of Mexican Coins today at current World Spot Prices

Current AUD and USD value of popular Mexican Coins containing gold or silver precious metals.

The below prices show the value of each coin based upon the total amount of gold or silver contained in each.

The below prices do not factor in any additonal collectors value.

Metal Coin Name / Type AUD Value USD Value  
Gold 50 Pesos $4368.15 AUD $2905.99 USD More Info

Mexican Coins: 50 Pesos

50 Pesos
Coin Name / Type50 Pesos
Precious Metal TypeGold
PM Purity90%
Total Weight41.67g
PM Content37.50g
AUD Value$4368.15 AUD
USD Value$2905.99 USD