Current Live World Spot Prices
Last update: Thu 23rd May 2024 00:08 (Melbourne)
Gold: $3,614.44 AUD     $2,401.74 USD Silver: $47.16 AUD     $31.34 USD

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Long term experience in the precious metals trade, both directly and indirectly, have shown us over the last decade that it can be very difficult to find highly reliable sources of information within Australia, our aim is to try and change this through the creation and continued management of

While we are Australian based, as you well know Gold & Silver markets are a global matter, hence we will retain a global focus on movements and events that have (or are expected to affect) the movement of precious metal values on a global scale, while focusing some of our information on local matters at the same time.

As a collective, our writers and journalists are neither gold bulls nor gold bears, we see no point in enforcing any set opinion, and will never publish as a collective based upon a single central bias or ideology, instead you will find a range of varying articles on this website, some may even be contradictory between sources, so as to keep all information independent and useful in understanding the global marketplace.

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