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Gold is losing the race against the Dollar

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These are not good days for gold prices. Too many important and relevant events eclipsing the precious metal market are going on. From America to Greece, there is big news in the economic matter. At every side, gold prices are getting hit and the fall continues.
This week, the Nonfarm Payrolls report will be published and almost all Dollar investors will be looking at other markets, to more productive and industrial ones. This report will show the possible positive results of the industrial domestic economy and help to thousands of investors to make a choice about their main targets.
In that issue, there is many relevant reports coming up in the next few weeks, all of them independent and distant of the gold matter. In the upcoming weeks, the next reports will be presented:

This will represent a significant strike to the gold market and the media world attached to it. As one of the main commodities available, it is odd that it’s getting ignored at that scale. The media is focusing in other news and the gold prices can feel that pretty well.
Chris Beauchamp, market strategist at IG Markets, think that positive results in the Nonfarms Payrolls report will give a deadly blow to the gold prices that will last a few weeks, even months. Attention is going elsewhere and the precious metals will be more alone and unattended than before. Investors will be looking for stocks and commodities would be ignored greater than now.
The other pending reports that are about to be published are going to attract the rest of the American investors’ attention and nobody would care less about the gold market. This can be a good thing for some traders, that are taking advantage of this bearing in the market for buying cheap, knowing that at any moment, price will rise again.
If China recover from the last appeared problems that accomplished to slow down the dramatic growth of the country, the importing of the precious metal will resume quickly. This added to the raising demand of India could boost the gold price in a few weeks. China is already acting against the negative spikes in their internal economy and they have great interest in hoarding gold.
It is worth to consider that bad news in the highly anticipated economic and financial reports could be a disaster for the dollar in the Forex markets, helping the gold prices to rise in just days.

Most people are looking for stable and safe investments and a solid asset as gold can be what they are looking for. If the actual fortitude of the United States Dollar falls for any reason (bad results in their upcoming financial reports can be a big reason), everybody will lose their minds in the search of a much more safe investment, even countries that are analysing the safety that the US Dollar is actually offering.
In a futuristic perspective, with two major currencies falling at scary speeds, gold and other commodities will have great days. Europe and his common currency is actually suffering a lot thanks to the Grexit event and experts are already seeing worst days for the markets. But there are some people who have a different but very interesting point of view.
The editor of the Newsletter Morrison on the Markets, Ken Morrison thinks the Grexit is not really affecting gold and other commodities on the international markets. He thinks that investors aren’t really afraid of the situation. “If people were really worried of a big contagion effect from a Greece default then gold would already be higher” and that’s really interesting and true.

If an important amount of investors are afraid of a Dominó Effect caused by the Greece and its probable default, everyone would be buying hard assets and safest investments, as gold and other precious metals are. But it’s the lack of media attention that is really affecting the commodities markets. A mid to high offer against a low demand is making the market bearish.
But The Wall Street Journal has a shady opinion about the Grexit. They said that it’s possible for Greece to negotiate a good deal but the real question is, how they are going to pay this new debt? So this is a long-lasting issue that will affect plenty of markets and it is already hurting the precious metals.
Silver keep falling after a surprise rise that rejoice a lot of investors. Copper, palladium and platinum are falling too. The Euro is weaker than ever and all it’s because, in a way or another, to the popular Grexit. The German domestic economy is also suffering odd symptoms, maybe as a sequel of the crisis at the neighbouring country.

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