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Investing in Bullion

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As most of you probably already know that there are numerous ways through which an individual could invest in gold. From gold exchange traded funds (ETF’s), allocated and unallocated gold certificates, mutual funds right up to physical gold in the form of coins, bars and ingots. Most people invest in gold in order to protect or hedge themselves from unforeseen economic conditions such as inflation. However, among the different ways to invest in gold, the best way is to buy physical gold due to the fact that the other gold investment options are more often than not quite complicated and most provide quick returns or in most circumstances ‘quick losses’. Owning physical gold is without any doubt the best way to own gold as an investment only because having physical ownership of gold provides your wealth with your own security meaning you will not be dependent upon a third party or even fourth party with regards to your investment. In many cases reliance on another party to store, manage pay out ends up with people being left with nothing but feathers in their hand.

What is important to know is the fact that when you buy gold bullion as an investment you are looking at a mid to long term investment and by doing so you will be securing part of your savings or investment portfolio against economic uncertainties that are becoming for rampant over the last 3 decades. Physical gold buying is also a venue for stock investors to diversify their portfolio as we all observed in 2011 when stocks came crashing down, the prices of gold rallied and peaked at 1,900 dollars per troy ounce and those who managed to unload their gold stock at that point in time would have made much more money than any stock they had had.

The economy of the world currently has become very unstable and economies are feeling the immense stress exerted by their respective sovereign debts and all it takes is for one nation to collapse and the entire financial system will collapse again, only this time it will be beyond repair as the patch work that governments have been putting on the financial systems are fracturing quickly and systematically. It is only a matter of time before the world returns to the gold standard which would bring everything back into order and allow countries to live ‘within their means’ and the printing of money without control would be curbed effectively. When this point in time arrives, those who are in possession of physical gold bullion would find it easy to maintain their lifestyles in comparison to those who do not. Those who do not have an ounce of gold to their name, but possess cash would not be able to much as paper money would be practically useless if another global financial meltdown occurs. Gold has always been for over 5000 years, real money; it is still regarded as real money along with silver by many people and as I mentioned earlier, it is only a matter of time before the gold standard returns to bring order to the chaos we have all found ourselves in.

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