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The Life of a Happy, High-Tech Gold Prospector in Australia

Gold Prospector in Australia

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Most people could think that lonesome gold prospecting is something from the past, only seen today in western movies. But the truth is that there still are many enthusiasts out there, especially in those areas of the world where gold is still abundant.
Today, we are going to talk about John Gladdis, a quite experienced gold prospector that spends dozens of hours each week in nature. What people like John looks for? A gold nugget that could change their entire lives.
The article written by Chris Johnson from Australia’s The Age, tells us how people from all ages are still betting on gold prospecting. John Gladdis himself has a gold shop in Maryborough, specialized in selling top-notch equipment like metal detectors. While this tools can be highly expensive, up to AU$10,000, every day they become more effective in detecting gold deeper and faster.

A Healthy Living from Gold Prospecting

People like John dedicate their lives to find gold in the wild. Most fail while a few others succeed. The difference here seems to be a mix of luck with patience and consistency. John himself takes really long walks outdoors.
John Nalder, who is 70 years-old and a dear friend of Gaddis, often walk 25 kilometers in a single day, something that takes an entire day. Having this in mind, we can easy conclude that this isn’t an activity for everyone. It requires a lot of patience and optimism about the possible findings that could or not take place.
But gold prospecting isn’t only healthy for the body but also for finances. John Gladdis told Chris Johnson that he doesn’t have a clue about how much money he has made through gold prospecting out there. “I can’t hazard a guess how much I’ve found over the years, (…) hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions, who knows? There’s still a very good living being made by a lot of people around here,” he told to the journalist.
In fact, he recalls one time that he found a gold nugget worth AU$34,000, a remarkable achievement that it’s hard to ignore.

The Gold Fever

There is something really interesting about the case of John Gladdis, something that could give us a lesson. He stated that during the 2008 global recession, Maryborough received countless enthusiasts looking to do some gold prospecting. In fact, the Railway Hotel was one of the popular sites for prospectors with the gold fever.
If we consider the background of this situation, we can suggest that the uncertainty and distrust towards the financial system led people back to the very basics. Gold quickly became, once again and especially during that certain time, a clear reference for solid fortune and safety.
With the cash for gold price at around AU$50 per gram, it isn’t impossible for a committed and patient gold prospector to earn good money. This is an opportunity that excites more and more people, something that you should ignore if you are anywhere near by and willing to get a license.

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