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PAMP: What You Need to Know About this World-Class Bullion Company

In April 2020, came under new management, articles published before this time, such as the below, may not reflect the views or opinions of the current team.

If you have any interest in the gold industry and bullion world, it could be important to know about the biggest players in town. There are too many companies in this sector, so it’s paramount to filter those that make the most significant impacts on the market.

One of them is PAMP, a precious metal refining and fabricating company that was established in 1977 in Switzerland. This massive company whose complete name is Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux started as a small mint facility for bars below 100 grams, also delivery alloy-based products to jewellery and watches companies all around the world.

But it grew fast enough to be one of the leading companies in the sector, now providing complete solutions in diverse industries, including government mints. Its products and services offer expanded aggressively, earning the reputation of a top organisation in the bullion world.

PAMP Company Gold Capabilities

As PAMP states on its own website, the company enjoys massive production and logistic capabilities, a product of hard work and investments over the decades. Today, the refining and fabricating company offers a complete range of precious metal bars. These bullion products are available in many different sizes, purities, and shapes.

In order to satisfy an important sector, PAMP also delivers semi-finished precious metals products to jewellery and watch companies, like wire, strips, and rods. Financial institutions and governments all around the world are also included in PAMP’s scope, having the capability to create custom gold bullion coins and bars from many different precious metals.

The refining capabilities of PAMP are strong enough to put its products on the highest standards of purity and quality. This is a solid feature that is always present when it comes to this Swiss company.

A Wide Array of Precious Metal Services

PAMP is a good example of how a big precious metal refining and fabricating company should be. The intellectual minds behind this organisation have moved the right pieces in order to provide complete solutions for almost any industries. The services in PAMP’s offer includes:

  • Assay
  • Refining
  • Bullion Bar Casting
  • Bullion Coin Distribution
  • Minting
  • Semi-Fabricated Products
  • Financial Services

Thanks to this versatility and great variety, PAMP is one of the main references for governments, banks, jewelry and watch manufacturers, private investors, mining companies, and much more.

MMTC-PAMP Joint Venture

In 2008, PAMP decided to join MMTC Limited in India to create a new operation in the region. Establishing the refinery and mint in the state of Haryana, the joint venture started its activities, now producing around 100 tonnes of gold, 600 tonnes of silver, and 2.75 million pieces minted.

Focused on India’s public sector, MMTC-PAMP became the largest bullion trader in the country.

The MKS PAMP Group

PAMP belongs to a multinational group known as MKS PAMP Group. Such group is specialized in industrial and trading services that include all kinds of precious metals. With more than 60 years of trajectory, the group has fortified the image of PAMP as a company.

There are more than 650 professionals working for the group and MKS, PAMP, MMTC-PAMP, and MTB are the organizations that compose it.

*Image in this article CC licensed at Flickr by Money Metals

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